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You need to minimise any distractions. By that I mean avoid pointing to the things that you cant do, says Claire. Once youve got down to the really core skills then you need to think about where you connect to them. So what are the connections, the transferable skills, the links, bridges and halfway houses to those skills that you can connect to? On top of that you need to think of examples when youve been a quick learner because youve got to demonstrate that youre going to be able to learn about a new sector or a new organisation. If you can demonstrate this, everything else becomes a self-fulfilling thing. And then the icing on the cake really is to work out what is unique and memorable about you that nobody else will be able to talk about at interview. And it might be the fact that you bring a completely different perspective to that job because youre coming from a different angle. Were not saying its going to be easy but fighting for the right job is always worth the effort. So prepare to sell yourself like never before. Its your turn to execute the gift of the blag. Carly Lewis is the founder and editor of career inspiration website .

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tips for job interview

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