Simple Advice On Efficient Solutions In Tips For Selection Interview

Why? Lack of funds! Related: 13 Tips on How to Deliver a Pitch Investors Simply Can’t Turn Down From my feasibility studies, I learned that needed about $12,000 to start the business I envisioned, at the scale I wanted. helpful siteUnfortunately, I couldnt raise that sum. And just like that, I had to bury that idea, because I also couldnt get an investor to finance it. Lets face it: So many business ideas like mine have never seen the light ofday due to a lack of funds. And investors are a major means of securing this kind of cash.But getting an investor to fund your idea is no mean feat. And to a large extent, that first meeting will determine whether you get the funds or not. Thats why I offer the guidelines below, based on what I’ve learned, to help you get your first meeting right.

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tips for selection interview

tips for selection interview

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